GetHired!™ Guide Chapter 9 - Networking & Job Fairs

by GetHired!™ Tuesday, April 05, 2011
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Depending on your personality, networking may be the easiest or most difficult part of your job search. Either way, it’s an important one. Of course, networking has taken many new forms over the past several years with the rise of online social networks. Keeping connected with your personal network, growing your professional network in person and maintaining an appropriate online presence are all an important part of being successful.

First Level Contacts

Many people miss the easy opportunity for networking with the people they know well. Be sure that your first level contacts – family, friends, former co-workers – know that you’re on the job hunt. If you’re open about your search, the more likely they will be to mention an opportunity or something that they’ve heard about. Having more people aware of about your job search greatly increases the chance of finding a position that might not be advertised. Even if there aren’t direct connections, look for opportunities to have your first-level contacts (people you know) introduce you to new people who may be able to assist your job search. Ask those people for contacts as well.[Read More...]