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    Technically Speaking - Luminoso: Computers Listening, Interpreting Human Language
by Catherine Havasi and Tim Muma - Jul, 2015
The interactions between humans and technology will continue to increase, particularly as companies try to target the wants and needs of each individual. Dr. Catherine Havasi, CEO of Luminoso, describes how her organization is working to give computers the ability to not only understand words, but break down concepts and emotions coming from human language. She explains to Tim Muma the value of this technology and the way thei...
    Technically Speaking - Job Security in Tech
by Adda Birnir and Cady Chesney - Apr, 2015
When Adda Birnir’s editorial job was cut she noticed that one department was left standing: the tech team. She then decided to learn the skills that made those jobs secure, and in her quest to do so, she founded Skillcrush to help others learn the same skills. Join host Cady Chesney as she and Adda Birnir discuss why tech jobs are secure, where you can learn relevant skills, and what it takes to break into the competitive fiel...
    Moving Up the Ladder - The Gaming Industry: Sexism and Death Threats
by Brianna Wu and Tim Muma - Mar, 2015
The gender gap remains wide in the gaming industry and that is contributing to many unfortunate and often-disturbing cases of sexism. In some scenarios, serious threats of bodily harm and even death have become regular occurrences for women who are speaking out and trying to counteract the inequalities. Brianna Wu, video game developer and co-founder of Giant Spacekat, talks to Tim Muma about her experiences in the industry, w...
    Technically Speaking - Four Elements of a Can't-Miss Website
by Dave Rogenmoser and Jenna Connour - Mar, 2015
Whether you’re developing a website for your own start-up business or for a Fortune 500 company, the most significant elements of an impressive website remain the same. Dave Rogenmoser – Co-Owner at RedWood Recruiting and Market Results; and Co-Author of "Beyond the Grind" – joins LJNRadio to offer his insight on the most important factors of a high-quality website. On Technically Speaking, we explore the latest social medi...
  Five Tips for Writing a Killer CIO Resume
by Jean Cummings - Feb, 2012
The top technology authority in an organization can be the CIO (Chief Information Officer), CTO (Chief Technology Officer),VP of IT (Vice President of Information Technology) or one of the newer hybrid titles that emphasizes leadership in both the business and technology organizations. What aspects of your role do you want to emphasize in your CIO resume? How much do you want to emphasize your technology credentials versus...
  Be a Standout!
by Rob Taub - Sep, 2009
These are not average times; and for that reason, companies are not looking for “average” people. That makes sense. So you need to be a “Standout”, and it may be easier than you think. Here, think about this: You go and get more education and additional credentials thinking “I’ll be more marketable” and get back to the business of job searching and you still find yourself in line with 100's if not 1000's of potential job...
  Finding the Best Value on Certification Exam Vouchers
by Randall Olson - Jul, 2009
Professional certification is a key to success in the information technology profession. If you want to continue advancing in your IT career, you'll want to work on developing an impressive list of certifications to prove your skills to employers. Of course, keeping up with the latest IT certifications requires continual professional development activities and preparation for taking certification exams. When you're ready t...
  Entry Level IT Certification for Career Success
by Randall Olson - Aug, 2008
Are you planning a career in an IT occupation? If you want to be successful in the information technology field, it's very important to earn one or more professional certifications relevant to the type of job that you hope to get. Whether you want to work in technical support, networking, hardware installation, or in any other type of IT position, getting certified before you start looking for a job is a good career advancemen...
  Is a Career in Information Technology Right for You?
by Randall Olson - Mar, 2008
Do you enjoy setting up and troubleshooting computer systems and networks? If so, a career in the rapidly growing field of information technology could be ideal for you. There are many different types of job opportunities for skilled IT workers. Some of the most popular entry level positions include: software implementation and support, network technician, telephone technical support, and web development. Most large compani...
  Certification Requirements for Beginning IT Professionals
by Randall Olson - Aug, 2007
Those who are interested in going to work in the information technology field are probably aware that certifications are very important. When hiring IT workers, employers frequently look for candidates who have specific certifications. For entry-level positions, employers want to see certifications that validate that applicants truly have basic skills and an aptitude for IT work. Some companies will not even consider hi...
  New Requirements for A+ Certification
by Randall Olson - Aug, 2007
CompTIA’s A+ certification has long been recognized as the industry standard for vendor-neutral validation of entry-level computer hardware and software skills. As of July 2007, the certification examination requirements for A+ certification have been changed to reflect recent advances in technology and hiring practices. Earning A+ certification still requires earning passing scores on two different exams. However, the...
  Is High-tech Leaving Women Behind?
by Teena Rose - Mar, 2006
With personal computers, cell phones, Blackberry’s and iPods, it seems there’s no stopping the world from going high-tech. The question is: are women coming along for the ride? The U.S. Department of Labor’s most recent report revealed that while high-tech jobs over the past decade have seen considerable growth, the gender disparity has remained higher than in the majority of the corporate world. The surge of software,...
  Stressful Contexts for Turning Grief into Depression (Part 2 of 2)
by Mark Gorkin - Mar, 2004
Part I of this series, "Good Grief: Is it Mourning or Is It Depression?" examined the fine line and conceptual confusions between grief and mood disorder. The essay also outlined the stages of grief. In the past two years, based on my workshops with reorganized and unemployed professionals in career transition, here are seven bio-psychosocial dynamics and role contexts that may help differentiate natural grief from morbid...
  Survey Says Los Angeles Workers Are Happiest
by Dave Murphy - Mar, 2004
Workers in the Los Angeles metropolitan area are the happiest and least stressed in the country, according to a new survey. Boston workers also fare particularly well, while those in San Francisco have lots of stress to go along with their happiness. Nationwide, 62.9 percent of workers say they are “thrilled” or “happy” with their jobs, according to the random online survey of more than 5,000 full-time workers, done by Digi...
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