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    I Want to Be a - Sonographer
by Katie Kuntz and Tim Muma - Sep, 2014
Sonographers are diagnostic medical professionals who use ultrasounds to get images of items like organs and tissues inside the body. Of course, many think of pregnancy when they hear of a sonogram as well. Katie Kuntz, president of the Society of Diagnostic Medical Sonography, talks with Tim Muma about the details of this unique career. Katie fills us in on the education necessary, the impact of technology, and where the indu...
    I Want to Be a - Pharmacist
by Jennifer Adams and Tim Muma - Apr, 2014
The healthcare industry continues to grow and the use of medications has also sprouted over the years. The increased reliance on prescriptions requires experts to ensure people are using the appropriate items in the ideal amounts. Jennifer Adams, Senior Director of Strategic Academic Partnerships at the American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy, fills Tim Muma in on the role of a pharmacist and how you can succeed in this q...
    I Want to Be a - Registered Nurse
by Brooke Zepnick and Cady Chesney - Mar, 2014
Before you see your doctor, you may see a registered nurse who can perform physical exams, confirm your heath history, provide health counselling and education, and administer medication, among other things. There is an increasing demand for registered nurses in the United States with opportunities in every area of healthcare, from surgical to pediatrics. Host Cady Chesney sits down with registered nurse Brooke Zepnick to disc...
    Community Concepts - Direct Care and the Aging Workforce
by Abby Marquand and Tim Muma - Jan, 2014
Direct care for individuals continues to be an industry where more help is needed, creating an aging workforce and gaps to fill. Abby Marquand, Associate Director of Policy Research for the Paraprofessional Health Institute, joins Tim Muma to discuss the state of direct care and the employees who work in this field. She also describes the types of individuals who succeed and why mature workers are joining this workforce. Co...
  Ready for a High-Paying Hospitality Career? Consider These Resume Adjustments
by Jessica Holbrook Hernandez - Nov, 2011
The hospitality industry offers a large number of amazing employment opportunities, largely due to its vast array of career options. Whether you’re looking to become an executive chef or casino general manager, you could easily boost your income into the six-figure range. But doing so will require making some adjustments to your resume. Highlight and Quantify Leadership When you embark on a career in the hospitality in...
  What Makes Your Nursing Resume Stand Out From the Pack?
by Jessica Holbrook Hernandez - Nov, 2011
If you’re just getting your start in nursing or are a seasoned professional looking to switch jobs for the first time in years, the idea of facing competition in your job search can be quite intimidating. Fortunately, you can use your resume as a leveraging tool to give you the advantage you need. Nurses are undoubtedly highly sought after and valued for their expertise within the health care industry, but this doesn’t mea...
  When CVs Are Right for Health Care Jobs
by Jessica Holbrook Hernandez - Aug, 2011
The health care profession is one of the only in the United States that, depending on the circumstance, requires either a standard resume or curriculum vitae (CV). If you are entering the field, under which circumstances should you prepare one or the other? What Is a Curriculum Vitae? First, let’s take a quick look at what a curriculum vitae is. Curriculum vitae (CV) means “the course in one’s life”. This document is...
  Key Resume Tips for the Health Professional
by Jessica Holbrook Hernandez - Jun, 2011
Working as a health professional is an amazingly rewarding career. Not only do you get to help individuals physically and emotionally, but you have a chance to work in a stimulating environment. The great news is that health professionals are in high demand, which means there are a lot of jobs out there waiting for you. But this doesn’t mean you will automatically score any job you apply for. You still need to create a gr...
  60 Weeks to a Health Care Career
by Marcia Robinson - Nov, 2009
The next time you have a doctor’s appointment, note how much time you actually spend with your personal physician vs. how much time you spend with medical office support staff. If you are like most people, you might find you spend more time with the office assistants and medical support staff than you do with your doctor. I have nothing against doctors; I love mine! As a career management professional, I often get asked abo...
  Continuing Education Requirements: Plan Ahead to Avoid the Last Minute Rush!
by Mary Gormandy White - Jul, 2007
Have you completed your continuing education requirements yet this year? If you have, congratulations on planning ahead! If not, now is the time to start looking for classes so that you don’t find yourself scrambling for hours at the last minute. Waiting until the last minute to take care of mandatory CE can be very stressful and counterproductive. If you work in a field that requires continuing education credits in or...
  Pharma Sales: Breaking Into to the Industry
by Teena Rose - Apr, 2006
Pharmaceuticals are always a hot consumer sector, and with the aging baby boomers coming online, it’s a sector sure to grow in the coming years. But gaining employment into the industry isn’t easy. Competition is fierce and companies can choose from the cream of the crop. So, how do you become part of that creamy crop? College Graduates Wanted There was a time when pharma reps completed their degrees in chemistry or biolo...
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