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  What’s Wrong with Most Resumes? 7 Key Resume Flaws and What to do about Them
by Sander Marcus, Ph.D. - Jun, 2007
Having written, edited, and critiqued literally thousands of resumes in all fields for over 30 years, I have come to the inescapable conclusion that most resumes fail to capture the attention of potential employers for 7 predictable (and curable) reasons. These are: Lack of focus. Most resumes I see look like a random laundry list of everything the person has done in his or her career. There are also endless lists of skills...
  Will the New Job or New Career Choice I Like Be the Right Career for Me?
by Sander Marcus, Ph.D. - May, 2007
As a psychologist and career counselor, I have worked with thousands of people over the years who are choosing or changing careers, and who are wondering whether they would really like to be in a particular career. Based on this experience, I believe that most people who want to go into a career they think they’d like, do not really explore the questions they need to in order to be sure that it’s the right career for them....
  3 Keys to Identifying a Sales Achiever in a Hiring Interview
by Sander Marcus, Ph.D. - May, 2007
How can you identify the great salesperson in a job interview? Well, it’s not easy. First of all, true sales virtuosos are scarce, even though there are many good salespeople and sales is one of the most common and necessary types of jobs. Also, research shows that the job interview is notoriously unreliable as a predictor of job performance. And it’s even worse if you are interviewing salespeople. Because if there is one...
  7 Common Résumé Clichés To Avoid
by Sander Marcus, Ph.D. - May, 2007
Writing a résumé isn’t easy. To your reader this one piece of paper is you, and he or she is going to give it about 20 seconds of attention (often less). Unfortunately, there are résumé traditions that seem to make sense but that ought to be questioned in today’s tough job search world. One of those traditions is that certain words and phrases are considered basic necessities. They aren’t. There are many such clichés, but here...
  7 Easy Ways to Instantly Improve Your Public Speaking
by Sander Marcus, Ph.D. - May, 2007
I'm a professional psychologist, a member of Rotary, a book author (on achievement motivation), a resume writer and career coach, and someone who has heard an endless number of professional and non-professional speakers for over 30 years. I've seen how it's the little things that make a big difference. Here are 7 "little things" you can do that will instantly improve your public speaking dramatically. 1. TALK TWICE AS SLOW....
  7 Keys to Avoid Inaction after Losing Your Job
by Sander Marcus, Ph.D. - May, 2007
Losing one's job is often one of the most traumatic events in any person's life, and can have an immediate and devastating impact on one's social, emotional, financial, and family life. Worst of all, it can make a person feel incompetent, angry, confused, and discouraged. These feelings usually lead to inaction - the failure to do anything but mope and feel sorry for one’s self. This is understandable, especially when you c...
  7 Steps to Reduce Your Biggest Worry Today
by Sander Marcus, Ph.D. - May, 2007
There is not a human being who has no worries. Some of our worries are small, and some are big. But every day, there is usually one worry that bothers us through the day. The problem is that we often do nothing about it. Yet if we were to do something (even taking a minor action), it would reduce the worry considerably. Here is a 7-point, step-by-step method to reduce or eliminate your major worry today. 1. Write it down. D...
  A Dozen Tips for Staying Motivated in Your Job Search
by Sander Marcus, Ph.D. - May, 2007
1. Recognize your motivational enemies in a job search. They are: constant rejection, constant failure, and lack of control. Don’t let them make you inactive and lacking in confidence. 2. Look forward, not backward: Every minute you spend thinking about your past job is a minute robbed from your future. And anyway, your previous employer is no longer paying you for thinking about them; you’re giving them free consulting tim...
  Changing Careers? Avoid These 5 Classic Mistakes
by Sander Marcus, Ph.D. - May, 2007
Most of the experts say that the average person can expect to change careers (not just jobs) 3 to 5 times in their working life. The reasons? Many people are burnt-out, underpaid, stressed out, bored, unsatisfied, or at a career dead end. For some, their careers have changed on them --thanks to corporate mergers, changes in technology, company restructuring, age discrimination, and a thousand other reasons. After counselin...
  The 10 Commandments for Avoiding a Public Relations Disaster
by Sander Marcus, Ph.D. - May, 2007
Unless you've been living alone on a desert island with no communication, you know that we've experienced recently a spate of public figures who have virtually lost their careers because of inappropriate statements that became public knowledge. If only they had received divine guidance in how to manage their personal public relations, they might still be enjoying their successful careers. The author has recently discovered an...
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