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  Horrible Bosses: Art imitiates life for many employees
by Kesi Stribling - Jul, 2011
The movie Horrible Bosses pulled in $28.3 million during its premier weekend. That should come as no surprise as the summer heat beckons us to cooler environments. Movie theaters are the perfect place to enjoy a little humor while keeping cool. The draw, however, was not solely the promise of frigid air for a few hours. Folks flocked to the big screen comedy to gain a glimpse into the characters’ world of horrible bosses – and...
  Never Let Them See You Sweat
by Kesi Stribling - Mar, 2009
This article is devoted to a large band of us, the small business owners caught in the middle of a pressuring recession. With all of the decision-making, cutting costs, and keeping your businesses afloat, here is some sage advice that will help you in the long-run: never let your employees see you sweat. Now, I am not suggesting that you hide the state of affairs from your employees. Transparency, particularly during a roug...
  Why Engaging a Career Coach May Be a Wise Investment (Even in This Economy)
by Kesi Stribling - Oct, 2008
If you are like most Americans, your career options weigh heavily on your mind right now. For those of us directly affected by the recent collapse of financial institutions and a generally stagnant economy, a career makeover may be just what the doctor ordered. A friend of a colleague is facing the career conundrum as I write this article. She has worked for a recognizable financial giant for the past twenty years, but was not...
  Attracting Talented Employees On A Really Tight Budget
by Kesi Stribling - Jul, 2008
Here’s the scenario: you have inked a few deals and can deliver on the products or services, but find that your budget cannot support paying a huge staff to get the job done. No worries, following are a few suggestions for attracting talented employees even if you are on a tight budget. Make It A Family Affair Nepotism aside, it makes sense to get the family to help with the business. Whether you are an entrepreneur, sta...
  What Does Your Resume REALLY Say About You?
by Kesi Stribling - Jul, 2008
Your resume is typically your first introduction to a potential employer. It takes just a few minutes – if that - for recruiters and hiring managers to scan your resume and decide if you would be a good fit for the position and company. If you commit the top resume offenses, it may mean a longer time on the unemployment line, or more time in a job you don’t like. Your resume speaks volumes about you professionally and personal...
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