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  It All Begins in Your Head-Part 1
by Judi Perkins - Sep, 2010
Frank Lloyd Wright, world-famous architect, said, “The thing always happens that you really believe in; and the belief in a thing makes it.” In other words, we create our own reality by what we think. For a huge number of people, this is a tough concept to accept, because it means acknowledging responsibility for their circumstances. Too many people would rather play the victim, preferring to believe they have no contro...
  It All Begins in Your Head-Part 2
by Judi Perkins - Sep, 2010
Last entry I showed you how and why your thoughts, verbalizations, and intents create what you experience. To quote Mark Twain: “If you think you can, you can. If you think you can’t, you’re right.” So if you don’t like what’s happening with your job search, look to how you’re thinking and what you’re saying about the process, because your ability to find the perfect job is determined by your attitude and beliefs....
  Keywords And Resumes: Don’t Miss The Point
by Judi Perkins - Jul, 2010
Keywords. The very phrase is enough to freak job seekers out. “Does my resume have enough?” “Is there any such thing as too many?” “Should I change it for every ad?” Conventional wisdom says a resounding YES for the last question. Consequently, job seekers end up with multiple resumes. The average number is 4. This week I had someone come to me with 8. Absurd. (And they were all poorly done, too) Job seekers want to...
  Bad Credit? Employer Credit Check? No Worries!
by Judi Perkins - May, 2010
In addition to drug testing and often fingerprinting, companies both national and international have also required credit checks. But it’s become more the norm than the exception, because with the extreme number of people applying, companies have implemented it as a means of indicating a candidate’s character. Unfortunately for the many who have been out of work so long they’ve destroyed their credit, a credit check strike...
  Networking Wins – And Not Always – But Only By Default
by Judi Perkins - May, 2010
One client that was referred to me was also referred to another coach. During the free consultation, she emphasized the power of networking and what an integral part of her program it was. Well, great, but that wasn’t really going to help this person because of the changes he’s looking to make. Additionally, networking isn’t the only route to turning something up. There are three other ones: recruiters, cold companies, a...
  Poor Grammar, Poor Impression
by Judi Perkins - Apr, 2010
I wrote the column below two years ago, but that’s irrelevant, because the situation continues. I tend to run it every few months, this time because I’m not only seeing it in cover letters, but several of us were discussing it on FB this week. I don’t care about casual communication between friends, but resumes, cover letters, websites...That there’s a plethora of applicants for almost every job is no secret. But a company...
  When Is An Offer Not An Offer?
by Judi Perkins - Apr, 2010
I received an email from a woman who was “elated about an offer for employment for a long awaited job opportunity.” She’d been looking for a while and hadn’t been having much luck. Despite her elation, she went with her instinct and turned down the offer. They’d been “sweating” her about coming in for training while she was working notice on her current job. She felt she needed to have fully resigned one job before she b...
  Give a Clue and Get More Results
by Judi Perkins - Apr, 2010
You’re selling a product and the product is you, so much of what I teach involves advanced sales techniques as they apply to job hunting. That’s because job seekers are too “me” focused when the buyer, which is the hiring company, wants to know what’s in it for them. When the buyer is about “me” and the job seeker is about “me,” the interview won’t be very successful because both parties are thinking “what’s in it for me?”...
  Rusty Interview Help
by Judi Perkins - Apr, 2010
If you haven’t looked for a job in a while, skydiving might be preferable to interviewing. But there are a few simple steps that will remove the fear and give you the confidence you’d otherwise wish you had. Common sense says you need to research the company via their website, brochures or the library, although you’d be surprised at how many skip the obvious. Basics also include bringing a few extra copies of your resume...
  Salary Requirements
by Judi Perkins - Apr, 2010
Aside from "Why did you leave?” the question "What are your salary requirements?" is probably the one that causes job seekers the most discomfort. The company holds all the cards, and they're not letting you peek. You know that if they don’t like your answer, you might easily kill any further discussion. As if the question isn't awkward enough at any time, it's usually asked at the beginning of the process during a phon...
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