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  5 Steps to SuperCharging Your Job Search
by John Crant - Dec, 2012
It’s going to be a tough Job Market for the foreseeable future, so we can’t just ‘do the same thing’ and expect different results: We Have To Change! In my Self-Recruiter® Lecture Series on Job Search and Career Management, I often ask those in the audience about the challenges that they are facing; the results that they are getting (or not); and about how it leaves them feeling. No surprise in the results categories. Many...
  2 Hours To An Effective Job Search
by John Crant - Dec, 2012
As Quoted by The Wall Street Journal’s Career Website, It’s difficult to effectively focus our job search activities when we are still working for our ‘future’ past employer. But with a proper structure and plan in place, we can be successful with just 1–2 evening hours of efforts per day. Her...
  The Pros and Cons of Job Hopping
by John Crant - Dec, 2012
My Take on Job Hopping Pros and Cons What do employers think when they see someone has quickly changed jobs several times on their resume? Employers are always looking for a ‘successful hire’, and that means someone who will join their team, stay challenged and motivated in the new role for about 2 years, and then be ready to be promoted to a new role where they will stay challenged and motivated for another 2 years...
  The Secrets To Getting The Interview With Social Media Marketing
by John Crant - Dec, 2012
In my lecture series on Job Search, I often hear, “I’ve sent so many resumes, but I’m not getting called for interviews.” First, we do need to take a serious look at our Job Search ‘sales materials’, which include: a Resume that creates a ‘desire’ about what you offer as a unique candidate; a LinkedIn profile that is more like a 3-dimensional sales brochure ‘all about you’ that drives the reader to one singular conc...
  Knock, knock: How to Write An Effective COVER LETTER that Opens Doors
by John Crant - Jun, 2012
Cover Letters are one of the most perplexing challenges for the Job Seeker. The Job Ads ask for one. The guides all suggest we send one. Why is it that so many resumes go out without a proper cover letter? (most of them may never be read, but they will be… for the right candidates) Careful taking license with what I just said: Yes, most cover letters will never be read. In a world where there are often 3–5,000 resumes se...
  Women don’t know their value in the marketplace
by John Crant - Jun, 2011
As a woman, it is extremely important to know your self-worth, especially in your career. Here is a great article in I recently read in Time Magazine about how women are still earning less than men, The 100% Solution. As a working mom I have to admit I took some offense to Donald Trump’s quote when asked about hiring working moms, he replied, “She’s not giving me 100%. She’s giving me 84%…” The article’s author says working...
  How to Stay Motivated During an Extended Job Search
by John Crant - Jul, 2010
This is a job market like few have ever experienced. In my Self-Recruiter® lecture series, I regularly meet individuals that have been seeking their next position for extended periods of time. Some for months (in an odd way, the luckier ones), but many that have been looking since sometime in 2009 and even 2008. Over the course of any job search, there are going to be emotional periods of ups and downs, the emotional roller...
  How Do I Overcome Being Rejected As Being ‘Too Senior’ For A Role?
by John Crant - Jun, 2010
Q: How do I overcome being rejected as being ‘too senior’ for a role? - signed, A Wealth of Experience The most interesting part for me, is that the HR person emailed you almost exactly what I talk about in my lecture series. Here’s a portion of the rejection for the audience of readers: “ are a little too high level for this position and it probably wouldn’t keep you interested for very long. “The worry is that...
  Don’t Wait, Send Your Thank You Notes Now!
by John Crant - Mar, 2010
Impressions are made, and solidified very quickly. And in today’s Job Market where companies meet many candidates during an interview process for a position, you can be forgotten quickly too. Use your Thank You notes to reinforce your excitement for the role, the company and your ‘brand’. As each moment passes after our interview, memories can begin to fade. Thank You notes are a great opportunity to make your great first i...
  Avoid Mistakes and Negotiate the Salary That You Desire
by John Crant - Feb, 2010
Mistakes that people make when looking to negotiate salary: Negotiating salary can be one of the most challenging aspects to handle properly, and to your advantage, when seeking a new career opportunity. In times of economic challenge, such as a recession or long recovery period, every business is looking to do more for less, and that affects offers made to those that they look to hire. Workloads for current employees have...
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