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  After the Job is Won
by Jim Borland, Ph.D. - Jun, 2007
One key feature of The Five O’Clock Club outplacement program is that our service is available for one year, allowing clients to continue to see their coach at no charge to them even after they have been placed. While many self-paying clients will recognize issues with the “on-boarding” process, the majority feel that, since they have had a successful career, they know how to “do the job” once they land it. The first chall...
  Handling Conflict at Work: The Law Firm Example
by Jim Borland, Ph.D. - Jun, 2007
The opportunity to prepare an article for the newsletter of The New York Chapter of The Association for Legal Administrators gave me a chance to reflect on a specific example of conflict. Since the points are valid in other industries, I wanted to share a shortened version with you.... Is there such a thing as a workplace without conflict? Probably not. Every work situation that involves two or more people will experience c...
  Hiring Decisions – from Both Sides
by Jim Borland, Ph.D. - Jun, 2007
One reassuring thing about working with outplacement clients is they all have a history of having worked for an employer with which most potential hiring managers have some familiarity. This means that they have been seen as acceptable in the beginning of their previous position, and, in general, have gained in both experience and acceptability since then. This was underscored for me in a recent assignment working with m...
  The End of One Journey to the Start of Another: Beginning the New Job
by Jim Borland, Ph.D. - Jun, 2007
One of the most important things I have learned in over ten years of working at G&S from my colleague Fred Ball is the importance of helping our clients plan and execute their entry into the new position. Fred’s belief that coaching at the end of the outplacement process must continue into a new company is a contrast to the behavioral health model I had been taught at my previous firm, where a client who “graduated” was assum...
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