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  Leverage Your Network to Make Things Happen
by Jason Jacobsohn - Jan, 2014
Success doesn't happen overnight. In fact, it may take years for you to have business success. That is why it is important for you to continuously build business relationships. With the right relationships, you can generate success sooner than later. Once you have established credibility and trust with certain people in your network, you can reach out to them for help. Your network can be a great source of client refe...
  Promote Your Personal Brand
by Jason Jacobsohn - Jan, 2014
Just as a business markets its products or services, you should market your own expertise. Personal branding is critical for today's business professionals to stand out from the crowd. Your brand is your identity. It is how others perceive you or your organization. Businesses spend a lot of time and resources creating Quality Logo Products and promotional items as part of their marketing efforts to potential clients. Tak...
  Five Common Mistakes People Make at Events
by Jason Jacobsohn - Nov, 2008
Often, we hear from people who we know that they don’t get anything out of networking events. The reason that they feel this way is because they expect instant results. Also, they are probably missing the main reason to network, which is to build long term and mutually beneficial relationships. Below are five common mistakes that people make at events: 1. Sell, Sell, Sell – Rather than selling themselves, some people are...
  Follow Up, Consistent Communication Both Critical to Building Relationships
by Jason Jacobsohn - Nov, 2008
It’s amazing to me how many people never follow up with me after I meet them at an event. Nine out of 10 people are never heard from again. To increase these odds, I don’t wait for people and I follow up instead. Proactive follow up is critical to building meaningful relationships. Also, follow through after promising something is another important aspect that many people miss. In order to be a successful networker, you ne...
  How to Practice, Master the Art of Safe Networking Across Business Circles
by Jason Jacobsohn - Nov, 2008
Relationship building is such a personal activity that you need to be careful when getting to know people. After all, your local business community is not as large as you may think. People know each other and it will get around if you’re not acting in a respectable and honorable way toward others. It’s better to be safe so you don’t have a negative impression in business circles. Don’t Promise Too Much One of the mo...
  Leverage the Power of Networking to Find Your Next Job
by Jason Jacobsohn - Nov, 2008
Studies have shown that 80% of jobs are found through networking while 20% are found through advertising. Because of networking, jobs are found through people you know, referrals, informational interviews, and direct calling of employers. Networking is a powerful tool that can help you in all aspects of your career. You should try to continuously network regardless of your employment situation. One of the easiest ways to...
  Proactive Networking Can Lead to Greater Success
by Jason Jacobsohn - Nov, 2008
Like anything in life, you need to be proactive so your chances of success are that much greater. Well, networking is no exception. You need to take the time and effort to build relationships. Produce Your Own Events, Seminars A great way to get yourself in front of people is to produce your own events or seminars. By doing so, you are letting others know who you are and what you have to offer. Whether you host a so...
  Attend Non-Traditional Events to Broaden Your Professional Network
by Jason Jacobsohn - Jan, 2007
Most people attend traditional business networking events to expand their networks. Traditional events include functions produced by people-focused organizations (such as for women and young professionals) as well as industry-focused groups (such as for marketing and software). Though nothing is wrong with attending these events, it’s a good idea to expand your horizons by attending some non-traditional events. By attending...
  Brand Yourself to Enhance Your Image in Networking Circles
by Jason Jacobsohn - Jan, 2007
You will meet many people while you network. It can be challenging not only for you to remember others but for others to remember you. You need to make yourself stand out in a positive way. You may get lost in the crowd if you don’t take this seriously. Be creative and try several ideas. Some will work better than others. Make sure you put in the appropriate amount of time to work on your image. You want to come across as a...
  Build Quality Relationships By Working With Networking Organizations
by Jason Jacobsohn - Jan, 2007
While there are many ways to build quality relationships, it can be a challenge for some people to build them through networking. Try various ideas and be open to new suggestions. By taking on a leadership role or committee responsibility with networking organizations, you will have an opportunity to meet other professionals and become part of a team with the same goal. The more involved you become, the more chance you have...
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