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  What American Businesses Can Learn
by Eva Jenkins - May, 2011
The military strike against Osama bin Laden is a case study in how employee engagement drives success says Washington, D.C. area business consultant Eva Jenkins. The recent historic military strike against Osama bin Laden is likely to remain front page news for some time to come with lasting impact on both military and political policy-making. As a consultant who focuses on ‘human capital’ in the business world, Eva Jenki...
  Leadership Charisma and Employee Engagement
by Eva Jenkins - Jan, 2011
Background on Charisma Arthur C. Clarke famously said, “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” It is a classic human tendency to describe anything we do not fully understand in magical or mystical terms. The ancient Greeks observed that some people, generally their leaders, had what they perceived to be a “mysterious quality” that enthralled others and made them want to follow them. Becaus...
  How Employee Engagement Influences
by Eva Jenkins - Oct, 2010
As the fourth quarter of one of the most challenging years in the U.S. economy’s history draws to a close, companies that want to stay in business for 2011 should focus on turning buyer satisfaction into buyer loyalty. The key is a higher level of customer loyalty and an engaged workforce to inspire that loyalty. In an alarming number of companies, massive lay-offs have decimated workforces and left those that remain feeli...
  The Fight for Equality Continues, More Subtle, But Still There
by Eva Jenkins - Jun, 2010
While ‘first wave’ gender discrimination was defined by intentional acts of bias that are now prohibited by law, business consultant and professional coach Eva Jenkins points to insidious ‘second wave’ practices embedded in organizational workings that may seem unbiased, but result in different treatment for women and men. As America approaches the 50th anniversary of the feminist movement that grew from the civil rights mo...
  Myopia on Wall Street and Congress - And The CEO Compensation Pay Puzzle
by Eva Jenkins - Oct, 2008
Million-dollar compensation packages for financial CEO’s with poor performance records that will be paid due to loopholes in the Congressional bailout of Wall Street are a waste of money and human capital. CEO’s who are walking away from the Wall Street meltdown are being rewarded with million-dollar compensation packages while the American taxpayer shoulders the financial responsibility of protecting companies, workers, an...
  Electronic Messaging - A Serial Killer of Business Communications?
by Eva Jenkins - Jul, 2008
We are living in a culture of miscommunication fostered by email, text messages, and IM’s and tolerated by corporate cultures threatens to rob workers of their ability to do business effectively with other human beings. As a consultant and professional coach, I feel that there are grave repercussions to today’s business communications arena where the need for speed routinely trumps the need for clarity. The main concern is...
  If You Keep Doing What You've Been Doing You'll Keep Getting What You've Been Getting
by Eva Jenkins - Dec, 2007
Trust is a key factor needed for effective leadership. The problem today is you can’t tell or even expect people to trust you. . .you must prove it first. In God we trust, but all others bring data - High performance work environments require a deep respect and trust in people. People are not viewed as extensions of machines, objects to be manipulated nor costs to be controlled but rather as thinking and feeling human bei...
  Communications Doesn’t End When You Finish Delivering Your Message!
by Eva Jenkins - Aug, 2007
Seeking success, companies spend millions on fine-tuning their corporate message, but often fail to train the messengers who deliver it. Business Growth Consultant, Eva Jenkins explores how effective communication bridges the gap between corporate intention and employee action. You can get an education, work hard, and dress for success, but without carefully cultivated ‘people skills,’ it’s unlikely that you’ll get very f...
  A Dangerous Game of Truth and Consequences: Revolving Door Staffing Keeps Employee Numbers Up, But Lowers Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty
by Eva Jenkins - Apr, 2007
Companies with a Wall Street-friendly track record for quickly and regularly replacing experienced staff with new workers at lower wages “have lost sight of the big picture of their own success,” warns veteran staffing professional Eva Jenkins. Aided and abetted by technology, U.S. companies can create or reconstitute a workforce easily to slash budgets quickly. “But what these red ink/black ink decisions fail to take into a...
  The #1 Killer in Corporate America: Bad Leadership
by Eva Jenkins - Jan, 2007
Companies are dying by the thousands at the hands of “killer” executives who create a corporate culture that literally pushes leaders out the door and eviscerates a business.The 2007 employment market will be rich in opportunities for millions of job seekers who are no longer satisfied with their current positions. Companies that fail to keep their employees --including their senior executives --engaged “will create a fast-mo...
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