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  Your Support System – a Positive Mindset and Positive People
by Debbie Lousberg - Oct, 2008
I write and advise frequently about how to see the typically unpleasant job search or career change as a positive experience – by putting concrete plans around it, noting every accomplishment and by recognizing it as an opportunity to meet new people and learn about different companies and industries while reaching for your right livelihood. Now more than ever, it’s necessary for you to adopt these mindsets wholeheartedly,...
  Staying on the Upswing During a Downturn
by Debbie Lousberg - Jun, 2008
I believe that a positive attitude is a huge key to success, so when there’s a lot of talk about an “economic downturn”, a “pending recession”, “tough times ahead”, and general doom and gloom coming from many sources, I choose to beef up my positive outlook and keep moving forward. That’s what I suggest to anyone actively searching for a job, contemplating a career transition, or worrying about the security of their current po...
  Get Clear, then Get the Word Out
by Debbie Lousberg - May, 2008
Making a successful career transition takes some work, though nothing a well-thought out plan can’t handle. First comes the uncovering of what it is you want to do and incorporating your passions to ensure fulfillment. Next, identify the potential employers or even the ins and outs of starting a business, then create an action plan to begin the process of actually working in your new desired field. And thirdly, build up your...
  Career Transition – Making it Work For You!
by Debbie Lousberg - Mar, 2008
We all face the typically daunting task of moving onto a new path at some point in our careers, whether it be a voluntary decision, or one forced upon us. No doubt about it – it can be a very unsettling, stressful, and downright scary time. However, with a good plan, a positive outlook, and a strong support system, it can be a rewarding experience, both personally and professionally. See below on how some readers facing a...
  Do What You Love - Love What You Do! Career Advice for People on the Move
by Debbie Lousberg - Mar, 2008
What’s Passion got to do with it? Actually, a lot. Research shows that you excel at what you love to do and perform at high levels when you are completely engaged in your work. In addition, scientists say the brain is very happy when it’s focused on what you love. You think more clearly, are less stressed, and healthier all around. Read on to see how some readers can integrate their passions into their work: Dear Debbie:...
  Got a “Big Hairy Career Goal”?
by Debbie Lousberg - Feb, 2008
Some people knew exactly what kind of career they would pursue even in high school and definitely in college. I was always baffled by those lucky few – how did they know the answer to that question at such an early age? Sure, most of us had some plans and ideas, but nothing that really made sense at the time. The majority of us changed our minds and paths several times and didn’t get really clear about what to do until we had...
  Follow Your Dreams...Not just the Money
by Debbie Lousberg - Nov, 2007
Shiny new cars, fabulous new shoes and clothes, high-tech gadgets, expensive homes and the furnishings within. We live in a world of abundance and it's so easy to get wrapped up in wanting more – more money, more toys, more clothes, more cars and so on. That's the way of our culture, right? Just look at the increasing number of self-storage units popping up across the country! We are a nation of collectors, hunters and gathe...
  The Best Things about a Job Search
by Debbie Lousberg - Sep, 2007
Job hunting is usually not something we look forward to; instead we tend to think of it as an overwhelming necessary evil to be avoided. Hmmm…maybe that’s why so many people stay in jobs they don’t like. I propose we all change our attitude about this and look into this “cloud’s” silver lining to see what opportunities are there: Change direction: Now’s a great time to reassess and see if you want to stay in the same fie...
  Time to Stay or Time to Go? The Realities of Making a Career Transition
by Debbie Lousberg - Aug, 2007
Maxine had reached yet another pinnacle in her career. She’d risen to the top once again with her current employer and in all the departments she’d worked in, had received accolades and fine performance reviews consistently. She was reasonably compensated, had earned 4 weeks of vacation time and could have easily continued employment with this company. Something, though, was askew. After over 20 years in the workplace, and 15...
  Preparing for Interviews
by Debbie Lousberg - Jul, 2007
Congratulations! Now that you have some interviews set up, it’s time to brush up on those skills and prepare yourself for creating a great first impression. Before each interview, there are many things to think about, so create a checklist and methodically review each item. Here are some ideas: Confirm location and directions, time, and name of person you’ll be meeting with. This is easily done at the end of that phone c...
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