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  Considering A Career Change?
by Cliff Eischen - Jun, 2007
Proceed with caution: STAY WHERE YOU ARE until you find the position you are seeking. We all get frustrated with our jobs and are tempted to tell the boss what to do with the job. DON'T, it will create more problems in the future than you can imagine. When you tell a prospective employer that you quit your last job because you couldn't cope with some aspect of it (say a boss that didn't really appreciate you and seldom,...
  Show Me the Passion and the Money Will Come
by Cliff Eischen - Jun, 2007
After being nominated for a teaching award, I was asked by the faculty senate to draft a concise statement of philosophy regarding what I believed to be fundamental to excellence in teaching. The following is the statement I submitted: I believe that a teacher should be zealous in their commitment to their profession. The most exciting, effective, and creative teachers are those who are truly excited and energized about t...
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