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  Taking Advantage of your Summer
by Claudine Vainrub - May, 2010
Internships and other ways to make a use of your summer vacation: Gone are the days when summer vacation time was solely used for going to the beach, being lazy and relaxing around the house. With the competition evident in the college admissions race, it pays off to think about doing something more useful with your time of leisure. Preparing for the college admissions race requires a lot of time and effort. However, it...
  The Power of Headhunters
by Claudine Vainrub - Apr, 2010
When seeking jobs, having the support of a headhunter or recruiting firm can be an asset. Although most jobs nowadays are sourced through networking, recruiters are the second most important source for companies to find valuable employees. What can a recruiter do for you and for your job search? When we think of the effects of networking, and how they affect job search, a recruiter presents similarities with a different edg...
  Job Search ROTI
by Claudine Vainrub - Apr, 2010
Maximizing ROTI – Return on Time Investment when Looking for a Job As we prepare for the economy to get back in shape, jobs are becoming every day more available for professionals seeking for new opportunities. The question is: What strategies can we use ensure landing a job soon? How do we achieve the best return on our job search time investment? In the following series, we will discuss the impact of several strategies, b...
  Writing Your Bio – Tips To Succeed
by Claudine Vainrub - Feb, 2010
Have you noticed that everyone seems to have a bio nowadays? Google the name of your favorite celebrity, visit their website and you’ll probably find a bio with his or her accomplishments, career beginnings, areas of expertise and much more. Well, you don’t have to be famous to sell yourself like a celebrity. The beauty of a bio is that it helps you tell your story in a way that sells you well. 1. It’s like dating – First I...
  Seeking Jobs For Too Long
by Claudine Vainrub - Jan, 2010
With unemployment of over 10% and the decrease in new job offers, candidates are finding it harder and harder to secure new posts quickly. More often than ever, we are seeing professionals seek new work for 6, 7, 8 months and even over a year. What are the disadvantages of a long job search process and how to combat them? Job search processes can take longer than expected for several reasons. One is when seeking senior exec...
  Careers For 2010
by Claudine Vainrub - Dec, 2009
What you did not consider before could turn out to be your next career move... Everyone knows that registered nurses and computer engineers make a lot of money, but did you know a postsecondary teacher can earn $51,800? Or that general and operations managers earn an average of $77,420? No matter who you are or what you want, there’s a job for you! For example, if you’re all about the money consider becoming a computer h...
  Temping is Tempting
by Claudine Vainrub - Dec, 2009
Why Temporary Work May Be Good for You With unemployment at more than 10%, the job market for traditional careers has become very challenging. According to, goods producing payrolls declined in 129,000 posts, the construction and manufacturing sectors lost 123,000 jobs combined, and the service sector lost 61,000 jobs as of November, 2009. However, all is not lost; the professional and business service sect...
  What Are The Types Of Interview Questions And How To Prepare To Tackle Them?
by Claudine Vainrub - Nov, 2009
The word “interview” comes from the French “entre” (between) and “voir” (to see). The role of the interview is to get a glimpse of a candidate beyond his or her physical appearance and resume. That’s why the interviewer asks all kinds of questions… Fictitious questions that test your ability to think on your feet, inquiries that verify your credentials and even math questions that test your mental dexterity are just some of th...
  The Value of an Elevator Pitch
by Claudine Vainrub - Oct, 2009
What we call today “Elevator Pitch” is what once was a simple introduction. The term refers specifically to what you would say to someone about you and your added value if you were in an elevator with them for a minute, before getting to your floor. In today’s competitive job market, having an outstanding elevator pitch can make all the difference in the world. It can attract parties that otherwise might not be compelled to co...
  A New Career Path
by Claudine Vainrub - Sep, 2009
Finding the Perfect Match Between Demand, Skill and Interest If you are unemployed, a student, or at a time in your life when you are in doubt of your current career path, the time could be right to make a bold move in a new direction. Finding a new career path can be advantageous to you, if you pursue this change with a methodology. With the job market undergoing a recession, many professions have suffered while others con...
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