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  Happy at Work?
by Alvah Parker - Aug, 2010
The Internet has been abuzz this past week with the Steven Slater incident on the Jet Blue Flight. He certainly found a dramatic way to give feedback to his employer and the rest of the world about how untenable his job had become. To me this is a really sad example of how difficult the workplace is. No wonder to so many people Steven Slater has become the symbol of telling the boss what you really think. Too bad he waited...
  10 Ways for Managers to Prepare for Interviewing a Job Candidate
by Alvah Parker - Aug, 2010
Many attorneys and other business owners start interviewing people for a job without clearly understanding what kind of person would best fit into the organization. Hiring is often done out of desperation. The attorney or business owner has a large amount of work to complete and knows he/she can’t get it done on time alone so he/she looks for someone to help. Good hiring decisions are made with planning. Here are some ways...
  Ten Simple Tips to Make a Good First Impression at a Job Interview
by Alvah Parker - Aug, 2010
Recently at a social gathering two business men were saying that within the first 2 minutes of a interviewing a job applicant they know whether they will hire the person. I always cringe when I hear something like that. That doesn’t give the job seeker much time and it doesn’t allow for error on the part of the applicant. There is a standard they are looking for and you need to meet it. Here are ten tips that will allow yo...
  Career Success - Three Surprisingly Simple Ways to Bullet Proof Your Career
by Alvah Parker - Nov, 2008
In all the years that I have been working as a career and job coach I am always amazed at how many managers tell me they have no time to update their resume and keep their network active. "I know I should," they often say, "but I just don't have the time." For continual career success these two activities are imperative. If a lay off comes these are the same people who will find it difficult to launch their job search quic...
  10 Ways to Relax During Stressful Times
by Alvah Parker - Nov, 2008
We all go through stressful times in our lives. Having ways to relax during stressful times, is a skill in itself. Each of us needs to have a group of tools ready to use when we must endure stressful times. Here is a list of 10 ideas that can help: 1. Sit quietly and concentrate on breathing. Take a deep breath in and let it out. Do this 10 times. Read about this at WebMD. Here is another site if you would like some...
  Job Search Basics – The Five Things Job Seekers Must Do In Order To Find the Job of Their Dreams
by Alvah Parker - Nov, 2008
There is a big payoff to a successful job search and that is finding the job of your dreams. Imagine being asked to work at a job that seems totally suited to your skills and talents. Better still you find that the work environment of the company is one in which you know you will thrive. So how do you find that dream job? Starting out on the search probably feels like an uphill climb. There is so much information out th...
  Ten Tips for Conducting a Job Search
by Alvah Parker - Feb, 2008
1. Plan a daily schedule - Have specific hours during the day that you are at your desk working on finding a new job. Be sure to leave time for exercise and being with friends. Keep your schedule similar to the one you had when you were at work. 2. Set aside enough time to do the job search well - Be realistic about the time you need to do these tasks. If you do not allot enough time you will be careless about the job appli...
  What is Your Competitive Edge?
by Alvah Parker - Feb, 2008
Carol had been out of work for six months and was frustrated by her inability to land a new job. She'd had a few interviews but nothing had come through for her and her money situation was getting tight. Like many unemployed people Carol decided to seek work through a temporary agency. Carol was delighted when the agency found her work related to her area of expertise. The pay was not great but it was enough to keep her afl...
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