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  Every Firm Needs a Six-Month Check-up
by Alice Adams - Jan, 2009
Whether your firm is a multi-generational, family-owned funeral home or is corporately-owned, it needs – just like you and everyone you know – requires a regular, six-month check-up with a physician. Why do people go to a doctor when they’re not sick? To make sure all systems are on go – running efficiently…and that no bugs have crept in. The same is true with your firm. Whether your bottom-line numbers are barely at quota...
  How Do You Handle Complaints? I Thought So...
by Alice Adams - Jan, 2009
I don’t care how long you’ve been in the business or what a nice person you are. It doesn’t matter. Human nature causes all of us to have a problem when someone complains about us – what we didn’t do correctly…or what we did do that they didn’t like. So how do we handle these nasty intruders into our otherwise perfect, professional worlds? Cock-eyed optimists and some self-help gurus would say, “Look at every complaint a...
  When the Going Gets Tough
by Alice Adams - Jan, 2009
It’s possible we’ve yet to see the true depth of the current economic downturn or, as some would say, “the recession.” So, what are you doing to “recession-proof” your firm – and yourself? Here are a few suggestions you may want to consider: 1. Diversify. Whatever it is – don’t put all your eggs in one basket. If you are investing, use more than one company. If you’ve been using one supplier, add several companies to...
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